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All They Do is WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

Congratulations to the talented Lacey Pyle, owner of Graphic Strategist, for receiving the American Graphic Design Award. She took her passion for beer and honored Destin Brewery with eye catching can labels that became the talk of the town and the winner of Graphic Design USA’s annual competition that’s open to the entire design community. Beautiful, talented, big hearted and she brews beer. Now that’s the definition of a true winner!

Speaking of winners… congratulations to Destin Brewery for taking home first place for best brewery at the Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival on HarborWalk. With talented local breweries such as: Idyll Hounds, Ye Olde Brothers, McGuire’s, Props and more, the competition was steep. The win however, went to Destin Brewery, the newest brewery on the block!

What happens when two winners combine forces? An explosion of talent and taste. Destin is waiting for what this winning duo will come up with next!

Kris L.
Destin Fun

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