Destin Brewery

Established in 2015, Destin Brewery is a craft brewery in sunny Destin, Florida emphasizing the “local” in local craft beer.
We create our beers around what both local and visiting families alike know and love about The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.

Our Beers

Our Ingredients

Our process begins by selecting only the finest ingredients. Although many of our ingredients are sourced from all over the globe, such as grains and hops from North America, Europe, and Austrailia, we take special pride in including as many local ingredients as we can. Florida Citrus and other fruits are a mainstay in many of our spring and summer “Uncommon” beers. Local Destin honey is a staple ingredient in several of our “Flagship” beers and some “Uncommons” as well. Our bourbon barrels are carefully selected to ensure only the best quality is used for such a delicate aging process. No sacrifice is made in the quality of our beer to save time or money. We firmly believe that the best ingredients, make the best beer, and that is why we do what we do.